Rug Cleaning

Taking care of your Rugs

Rugs help make your home beautiful, but since they are often in high traffic areas, they require proper care to look great for years to come. From expensive heirlooms to everyday runners, a professional cleaner like Quest Floor Care is the best solution for rug cleaning. Joseph has completed the training necessary to gently clean the delicate fibers in your rug.


Take Rug Cleaning Off Your To-Do List

Too many rugs are ruined when people try to clean them by themselves, and by the time we get a call it can be too late to save the rug due to damaged or torn fibers. Whether your rug is an antique or a recent purchase, one thing is for sure – it’s too special, perhaps even irreplaceable, to risk harsh cleaning chemicals or rough scrubbing.


How To Tell If Your Rugs Need Cleaning

What many rug owners don’t realize is that by the time a rug is visibly dirty, it’s way past time for a cleaning. What do we mean by that? Well first, you should understand how dirt gets into and damages your rug.

Dirt is an abrasive material with sharp edges. In fact, much of it is made of sand, a critical ingredient in glass making. So when you have dirt in the fibers and you put your full weight on the carpet, those fibers rub against each other, with the dirt acting like sandpaper, and get damaged. In most cases, once damage occurs it can’t be undone. Watch this video for more on preventing wear and tear on your rugs through proper cleaning and maintenance.


Don’t Make These Two Big Mistakes

We believe that DIY cleaning is the biggest mistake people make with their rugs, but what are the next mistakes on that list?

  • Not vacuuming rugs enough
  • Not vacuuming properly

Dirt doesn’t immediately go from the top of your rug straight to the bottom of the fiber. Instead it gets pushed down over time as more and more foot traffic makes its way across the fibers. Think of vacuuming rugs like dusting your table tops. The more frequently you do it, the less dirt or dust is able to build up over time, and that keeps less dirt from settling into a rug and damaging the fibers along the way.

A proper immersion cleaning of your rug will often remove dirt that has settled in and get you back to a point where proper frequent vacuuming will keep it looking great. For more about how to avoid these common mistakes – and make up for them if you’ve made them – check out this video.


Pet Urine Causes More Than Stains

Let’s face it. Accidents happen.

When a pet mistakes one of your rugs for a tree, fire hydrant or the neighbor’s mailbox, you should be ready to take action. Talking with your carpet and rug cleaner about a spot removal plan is a great idea – we can help you with that – but there are other strategies that will help you manage an accident when it does happen.

Unlike dirt, urine will soak straight through to the foundation of your rug and as it dries, the remaining salts can actually attract MORE moisture to the rug fibers leading to mold and mildew. Bugs see this environment as a food source, which can lead to holes in the carpet if left unclean. Ammonia in urine can disrupt the color of the dyes in your rug causing them to bleed and fade.

The important thing to realize is that a pet urine stain on a rug isn’t the end of the world – or even the rug. For more on how make life with pets and rugs easier, check out the video below.

Proper maintenance can extend the life of your rugs. Well made rugs can last for hundreds of years and be passed from one generation to the next. Or maybe you just purchased a new rug to compliment a room in your house. Either way, protect your investment by getting them cleaned by a professional who will care about your rugs just as much as you do.



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