Upholstery Restoration

You know, I clean stuff.

All the time.

I do it for a living, and I see a lot of dirty carpet and upholstery, so every now and then when a really nice piece of furniture or carpet falls into my lap, then what I do becomes a real pleasure.  Kind of like a mechanic who works all day long on grocery getters, getting to go home and restore his 1940 Mercury.  It might have been beat up and in rough shape when he got it, but MAN do those things look good when they’re cherry!

I got that feeling the other day when a lady called me through Angie’s List, and asked me to come and clean 4 couches for her.  We scheduled a time, and when I got there, it turns out they own a pretty big farm which her husband and two boys work.  They had a beautiful old farmhouse, but as we all know, farming is hard work.  Over time, her light cream colored upholstery with the floral print had gotten dingy, and she wanted it to be PRETTY again!

Look at the front lip of the couch, underneath where the cushions normally go.

Look at the front lip of the couch, underneath where the cushions normally go.


The couch was on hardwood flooring, so I set up a tarp underneath to prevent the floor from getting wet during cleaning.  You can see it in the bottom right of the picture above, actually.  With a little vacuuming to remove as much dry soil as possible, the couch was prepped and ready to go.

Next step was to spray it down with the cleaner (with a little bit of a natural degreaser made from orange peel as a booster to help break up all the greasy/oily soiling from arms, legs, and necks resting against the couch in various places), and give it a good scrubbing to break everything up, much like scraping the dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher in preparation for extraction.

Once that was accomplished, it was time to actually remove the soiling through the process known as “Hot Water Extraction”.  It’s very similar to the process for cleaning carpet, just using a tool designed for upholstery.  The soiling gets flushed out of the fabric as water flows through the fabric and is sucked back up by the machine.  You can read more about the process in this article here.  Take a look at the results:


Look at the difference a good cleaning made on the front lip of the couch!

Look at the difference a good cleaning made on the front lip of the couch!

Couch Cushion, halfway through cleaning

Couch Cushion, halfway through cleaning


Needless to say, the client was absolutely thrilled to see her upholstery looking like new.  If we can do the same for you, give us a call at 540-818-4073, and ask for a free estimate/consultation.


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Joseph Rogers

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