Getting Red Wine Stain out of Carpet in Blacksburg, VA

I’m pretty sure it’s happened to all of us at one point or another. Kids running with Kool-Aid, or a greasy piece of food falls off a plate and lands on the carpet, maybe someone tracks mud across the floor…you know the drill.

Only, this time it’s worse. You’ve got friends over, and someone spills a full glass of that expensive red…

Yeah...that one's not gonna blot up with a towel...

Yeah…that one’s not gonna blot up with a towel…

Oh, boy.

So, folks, what are you going to do with THIS beautiful mess? My suggestion is to blot with a towel to get as much of the moisture up as possible, and make sure the towel is an old one that you don’t mind getting stained. There are various home remedies that I find acceptable for cleaning inbetween having a professional out, but none that I could recommend for a wine stain. You’ve got a two-fold problem, there. First, you have the color to deal with, and you also have leftover sugars in the carpet that are going to attract dirt and cause this area to get dirtier, quicker. There’s no way around it, you’re going to need a professional to deal with this to remove color, and clean the sugars out of the carpet.

The quicker I can get to a stain of this nature, the better. This particular stain had been there for something like three weeks, and the client had tried something they had purchased at a winery for removing stains with no luck. I applied the first treatment, and began accelerating the reaction between the treatment and the wine stain with UV light, like so:

Using UV light to accelerate the chemical reaction

Using UV light to accelerate the chemical reaction

So, I’d like to take a moment to differentiate between a spot and a stain. Spots are what you get when there is a substance on the carpet fiber that needs to be removed by normal cleaning processes. Think about the piece of fried chicken that hit the carpet and left that greasy spot, or where you spilled some soda and couldn’t quite get it all up. Stains are when something has gotten on the carpet and discolored the fibers themselves, and no amount of normal cleaning will remove it. Think pet accidents that have caused the carpet to turn yellow-ish, or this wine, which is a great example. Stain Removal is very skilled work that requires precise application of the treatments, and full cleaning afterwards to avoid leaving any residue in the carpet.

Several applications of the treatment later, and having allowed it to work over the weekend, when I returned on Monday this is what I found:

Stain?  What stain!?

Stain? What stain!?

Another client, extremely happy with the results! He made it pretty clear that he’d not expected it to actually come out, and was very surprised that I’d been able to remove it.

Don’t forget to give us a call if we can do anything for you, folks. 540-818-4073

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